[Acid Streams] League of Legends - Testing out DliveLabs.com

in dlive •  2 years ago 


Playing some league of legends while listening to some music on Spotify.

No commentary or cam for now.

My live stream is at DLive

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I'm going to be a lot more harsh on flagging spam from now on.

Oh after so long time I will be able to watch your stream when will you buy a webcam !

Ah come on bud, don't you know hez camera shy?

Ordering one soon.

Great work sir. Dtube.lab still working???

League of legends is a famous game and always heard about it but never actually tried it. I’d want to try it .do you highly recommend it? Thanks for the post.

Just saw it on dlive looks amazing but i have never ever played a game like this where you have to select and do tons of things.makes me kinda dizzy haha.but I’ll try it cause i think you like it as you had described in dlive.


Thanks for watching everyone!

Your life is gaming.. I want like you and come tobe the best for other people..
I love you @acidyo

league of legends wonderful game. But I do not support it here. In sometimes I see dlive at the game, it feels very good and so excited @acidyo

Great post..Loved the broadcast i have watched some part only nowi am going to watch all now and game is great live in dlive..The character is very power too..Loved to play..Thanks for sharing..@acidyo

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great watch lol played by acidyo :)

i play Clash Royale very intresting game ,u can try

Most of my kids are crazy about this game..When ever I see them,they keep on playing though I am not that knowledgeable onto this game...I think you too enjoy playing this game!

Have a great fun and love dlivebroadcast game.happy valentine dayb3b414f3.gif

Noice... A break from twitch at least

This game sounds great...I will try...Thanks for sharing @acycido

Wow I have lots of arsenal fan friends and seriously I respect you guys a lot. It's not easy to have had so much heartbreaks from the club u support and still show you die hard support for them. Much respect to you man. If I were an arsenal fan , I would have probably given up long ago

This is a very good game. It feels great.

You should do some dota2 with me aurel and ana. Could easily make a steem team :) (it's free to play)

@acidyo league?!?!

Every day I open my PC and I see most of my friends on discord in that game.. I stopped playing ages ago but every day there is a small tickle that gives me and it tries to pull me into it.. makes wish I was in highschool again and be able to spend all the time playing sometimes..

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This is just living a dream.
Many people like hanging out at spotify and many r with the steemit platform.
U just made their combo .
Thats just amazing.
U r doing a great job to make steemit platform get ahead of all other social networking sites

get outa there acid!

League of Legends, huh? Let's see what you got! Haven't played this game in a while, cuz I can't keep a calm mind with all the noobs and toxic players :D


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This game is awesome and fun with every match a new obstacle to overcome. Its multiplayer is the paradigm of competitive gaming, and the graphics are greater than any other MOBA has to offer. If you are looking for the most addicting game to grind and become the best this one is for you. This game is an exceptionally fun time to play with friends. Whether its you and your boys running it down in ARAM or you solo grinding the tiers of ranked, you are sure to have a great time playing this game.

This sounds like it's from IGN or a similar site, lol.

Let's play some League of Legends. Acid! Dehydrate and smoke them.

great your post and i will done upvote

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

For Dalmaciaaa! :D ohh those days when I played LoL, garen and sona were ma favorite! Started playing in seasone 2. Great gameplay man, thanks for sharing.
Steem on!

It's been long I joined your gameplay stream. I hope it'll be fun and kickass

use Q first, after use e bro

I don't play Garen ever :D


@acidyo I can see from here :)

Do you play ranked matches? Cuz ARAM is easyyyy :P

Keep the fun going

El mejor juego jajaja

Holy shit this music, strangely appropriate

@trendo i'm 5 games into my placement matches ^^

Ahh so not so much of playing on rankeds :P

Do you play DOTA?

I'm a newb at LoL, only play Vel'koz mostly. :D

and no, no DOTA ^^

nice vary good vary good

Hey @acidyo what´s your rank?

Dota is so much better :p

Haha Vel'koz is cool, mostly annoying to play against because of his spells :D

You up to play some games with me?

Way to go. Yo.

The other alerts seem to work, weird that the vote one isn't. :/

oh really good sir @acidyo

@diogpsantos, join the @steemgc discord and we can play through there at some point, I play LoL on EUW

@fredrikaa myeh, I should maybe try it out. So many games, so little time :D

Warm regards,
please voteback ..

Nice skin by the way :D

thanks :P it's one of few

I joined the discord! How are the promos going?

going alright, facing yasuo atm

@acidyo try to AA Yasuo before using spells, more effective that way :P


amazing post

so you get his shield down before damaging him :)

I just sent you a friend request! (Manchetes on LOL)

BTW you should get your score to be visible, I think it´s important, that way we can see the time and farm, etc

Lol, The acid ain't joking, see the way those app are melting with ease. Great work @acidyo

hello @acidyo, heard about this, think its time i checked it out.

Wow so wonderful vedio..... I like this video. Thanks for sharing....

isn't it visible in the top right corner?

Really love the game.. I'm always excited while playing it

no @acidyo you can only see half of it, and we can´t see the stats!

They show when I view my stream, weird.

I can see everything...

I don´t know then, you stream with OBS? you probably pushed the screen capture a bit lower than you probably realised....

Now its perfect!! Nice :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

there is no harm in playing logically and fighting with sporti, thank you many posts @acidyo

Wow very impressive for a game @acidyo thanks for sharing, good game.

I try my best not to come back to League. It's too addictive lol...
But I have great memories playing it with friends, it was fun :d

I like musiç i like your post interesting music

what up what up!!

I once did a soraka adc and won, haha

Hello, @acidyo!

So do I like to play LOL, it's a great game ;)


I wish you success in games ;)

How are you liking dlive? Is it responsive? thanks for the input

Dear, I'm trying too hard to create account for game but verifying problem.
I wanna join the game, what can I do right now...?Screenshot_20180215-130435.png

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

You copied this from a dtube post last week.