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Fantastic realism on the ground

I really am glad to see Ninja at least play a round of this game. Although I'll admit, Fortnite with the fast building style of ninja just makes Fortnite more entertaining. However, I wouldn't mind to watch him play this more as hopefully this game makes some very good improvements. Good work, @acidyo

Nitu mora hanga chiru @ilovemylife

Nice one @acidyo, there is always no harm in trying

Very awesome and great graphics, I love it, steem on

Gaming back to back. From one gane to the next, hope youve had something to eat. Will join you on dlive.

You looking good in there.. The game controls are nice...Good luck..

cool game

@acidyo Just a lil tip-U become invisible when u walk in smoke screen and i suggest u to play paladins to get a better hang of this game cause all the abilities and weapons are based on that game...this game is actually paladins battlegrounds u can say.... But the devs decided to make it as a seperate game with a separate name... Hope it was useful👍👍

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. I will also install the game. Post was resteemed @ilovemylife

@acidyo I want to download the game but it kinda stops at 100%, i'm having this issue with other games as well and it seems like nothing works, even letting it download for 2 days... help please . Nice post dear. I like this game very much

Thank you for not playing Minecraft with guns so many normies play that stupid game most YouTubers make vids on it because they know it can make lots of money

this game will one day be bigger than shitty Fortnite and PUBG it has so much more potential. But it's really nice game.

I played the game and I don’t see what’s so special about it. It’s like a more childish version of fortnite, if that makes any sense. I feel like people who say this game will kill fortnite are people that don’t know much about building, have less than 50 wins, and probably have no skins. Also HiRez is notorious for copying relevant games and not listening to their community. Meanwhile Epic Games stays in touch with their community and fixes glitches and bans cheaters very quickly.

I am a Paladins players since it was on Beta, I´m so proud of what they have accomplished, and obviously I'm a active player on Realm Royal, it is free and fun, everything we want!! :D

This is a amazing game with great graphics ..keep playing you will do it ...
Have a tons of goodluck..

Wow nice!

Congratulations @acidyo!
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