[Acid Streams] Diablo 3 - Crusader leveling

in dlive •  6 months ago


Currently at level 62, did some leveling off-stream and will try to get to 70 today during this one as fast as possible.

I will either do Hard or Expert difficulty for the extra experience. Hope you enjoy the gameplay, feel free to drop in Dlive chat and say hi!

My live stream is at DLive

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just ah perfect click!!

Looks like dlive is playing up, maybe it is just my connection.

Great video man thanks. I just broke through the the end-game of Diablo... I know kinda late since it's season 13 but I think I finally see what people love about it. Me and my Gf are playing it together im on Thorns Invoker and shes on Shadow Mantle Impale. Thanks for some extra insight into how the nuts and bolts work.

Always looking for an answer to my ultimate q about seasons... since I have the 12 stash tabs (and actually would be happy to pay for another dozen :-D ) I no longer see a reason to play seasons. Did them to build characters AND additional stash space, but have all 12 chars and can't manage my stash :-( So what's your reason guys to keep playing seasons?

I tried a few solo leveling sessions with crusader: I managed around 2:35-2:45 every run including the challenge rift and getting the cube at lvl 13(with pony). Maghda\Kulle->HoA 1-3. Master rift lvl 13-~40 then t4-t1 until lvl 70. Crafted lvl 70 1h axe and used blessed hammer shield and leoric's in the cube from lvl 13. Very consistent trough all 3 runs. No extra gold and mats were used with 0 paragon of course. I got both the shield and leoric's in 2 runs from the 475 shards at lvl1. I got at least 5-6 legendaries every run from lvl 40-70 which gave even faster clear times.

Thank you @acidyo for the video. I didn't play much during season 11, but I thought challenge rift were build experience in GRift 45 from the current season (or not in season when the character is played in the non-seasonal). Since the season just started, will challenge rift really be available at that moment in time ? I'm just wondering because that's not clear for me right now.

Awe man, no fair. I haven't been able to get in this season yet. I have a Monk all ready to go, but I keep getting disconnected. You will have to give me a plevel when I am able to finally log in!

the spirit continues @acidyo, I've tried to go in, but failed. and I will keep trying until I can, regards @hamidi103

Nice game playing information.

I m new i hope you support me.

Hi @acidyo. Best of luck for your Diablo 3. Hope you reach level 70 today, well if you really work hard then. The gameplay is brilliant. I really enjoy the graphics too. Wonderful game. Loved it😍😍😘😘. Thanks for sharing.

awesome to see you pop off bro!!

Hey you should do a stream playing some game of Lol would be great!

Diablo 3 is the last game I have ever played... Then I got kids. I didn't like it very much. Not enough randomness to my taste :)

what a nice nostalgia !

Great work @acidyo, you will rock it! 👍

Well this just makes me want to out and get another gaming rig, but that will have to wait till next year. No matter how old you get, it stays a hell of a lot of fun. I do miss it, but life bring us curve balls and I have to play a few of those first. Have fun man