[Acid Streams] CS:GO with @rozioo

in #dlive4 years ago


Back with some CS:GO tonight! Make sure to check out the finals of Starladder on Twitch for some professional CS, some good games coming up there!

My live stream is at DLive


Owk @rozioo is a new name around here. Will check him out to see tye kind of games he plays. Good luck with your gaming tonight @acidyo

Your every post just wow sir

Wanna play league sometime? :)

OK great! Hopefully in the future we will have games integrated in the platform. Slow games like the classic Age of Empires :)

thank you my kind friend for the information, may be useful for everyone, may my friends always success, i need and help from you my friend @acidyo

Yess,there was a great news for players who wanted to play PUBG with low system. Now we can play PUBG mode in CS: GO. In this mode, which is developed by a community producer, we go to the parachute map and make a loot like the PUBG, and we are clashing with our competitors. This is a great Battle Royale, and it's pretty cool. :)) @acidyo nice gaming thanks for share,

@acidyo when someone stares at something of their focal point seriously and beliefs then there is nothing that he can not accomplish, surely can with the spirit and hope to be champion.

Whenever I connect in Steemit and your streams are over, I should say it is bad luck or I do not coordinate well the time :( Nice gaming . I like this game. thanks for share. I wish your success @acidyo

Well played my friend !

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