[Acid Streams] CS:GO with @steemgc

in dlive •  last year 


Time to get some CS:GO going before watching the Dreamhack tournament happening this weekend!

My live stream is at DLive

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Beautifull game dear it is very intresting and make more fun to enjoy

well u guys play good but forsaken's ping.. not a fair game and one guy wasn't from forsaken xD he wasn't from their team

Nice game sir, oneday I want to join with the game

When are you playing golden octopus again.

Happen to watch it today xD

@steemgc is such a nice guy :D

Its good too see more things in steemit. Nice stream

The legendary first-person shooter game has been re-enacted as one of the hottest game titles in the world. You will go to the police to catch the robbers with the latest gas and vice versa.

Hey @acidyo
Good job reking those noobs. I'm a huge CS GO fan myself and play on lvl Supreme to Global. Maybe we could play sometime together. You can find me on steam (feeze, from Switzerland).

Good! So lets start the weekend with a nice game :) What is the Dreamhack tournament ?

@acidyo sometimes i also play CS:GO with someone Love this idea. Hopefully this event will be successful and it can branch out to the US? I have been playing counter strike for 6 years and would love to get a team together to participate :)
Will there be a stream of the tournament?

It was fantastic and still, I don't know how he has done it. Perfect crosshair placement is something I want to acheive in CS:GO
Are you playing CS? What are your feelings about this game?
Thanks for this video. I'm waiting for more. Keep doing :)

Will you be competing in the tournament or just a spectator? Happy Weekend! :D

I love that game

Woo you have good marksmanship! :D

Congratulations @acidyo!
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