[Acid Streams] League of Legends

in dlive •  9 months ago


Warming up for the upcoming @steemgc tournament in League of Legends.

Mid Vel'koz.

My live stream is at DLive

Update, running into some issues, trying to get the stream up ASAP.

Update 2: works now!

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Hey acid, have a good stream mate. I just finished my 2hour Overwatch stream. I´m thinking about playing LOL too, it looks pretty cool especially when i could play with fellow steemians. Btw, used the steemgc logo for the first time today!

good luck in the tournament

Come on Acid, you know you want to play DotA deep down below, it's just a lot better than League of Legends.

i watch this video . i like the video background music

yoo acid... yo :D


Heloooo @abh12345...so you are a lover of games as well? Wow nice seeing you here sir :-D


Heloooo @abh12345...so you are a lover of games as well? Wow nice seeing you here sir :-D

So sad right now @acidyo so sad...trying to watch you play but I keep getting this...


But anyways I am overly excited about the coming tournament ...It's gonna be yet another exciting experience.


It's working now. :)

@wakkylyon it's not just music playing, you should be able to see the stream too

I´m watching on a wifi connection but i´ve noticed some freezes. i´d say its my connection but if someone else notices any freezes let acid know!

oh nice me too im playing 3v3 on west now 👍

All i get is the background music, no visuals... Please hope this gets fixed soon... I wouldn't wanna miss my unwinding moments anymore...lol.... Goodluck with the tournament @acidyo. And please if you don't mind, you could just reply with the results, thank you!

Keep on pushing the community with your efforts.

good luck have fun ^^

Interstaller. xD
Screenshot (122).png

The Tournament is coming!

should I get league? I use to be really big into dota2 and HoN haha


Don't do it. Just don't. Get DotA instead.


If you can tolerate 12 year olds telling you how much you suck for a few months, yes. :P


Yeah, get League!

have a great stream!! UPVOTED. check mine when you get the chance :D

Good luck!! :)

Good one @acidyo... All the best in the tournament

Hey sir, have a nice stream

Hey @Acidyo Good Night 😂😎 How are you 😊

Come Fornite 😂😂😂😂

Man I miss lol.

Hey sour, got a good mate. I just completed my 2 hour Overwatch stream. I'm thinking of playing LOL too, it looks really cool especially when I can play with my fellow steemian. Btw, using the steemgc logo for the first time today successful acidyo ...


I think now steem is best policy for earn.

Hello do You play on EUNE bro :D? 👊

i need so

League of Legends is OK, but there are too many trolls online in there...

All I get is the ambient melodies, no visuals... If it's not too much trouble trust this gets settled soon... I wouldn't wanna miss my loosening up minutes any longer

Congratulations @acidyo!
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So much fun they host a tournament! Good luck! =)

I play on EUW :)

Please follow @inyourdream Csgo & dota2 player