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Hmm great fun .
your are gaming every time. I think its really fun for you.

Enjoy 😉

i will say you are one of the most active gamer here on steemit, i always like your live-streaming game play


Good postingan his friend, may be useful and successful for you.👍👍

Video yang luar biasa bagus sekali ,steem Gaming comunity yang sangat bagus sekali salam

Counter strike is a very popular game here in my school we play it almost everytime we back from lectures... Also my love for Dlive is Way out of this world but @acidyo how can I join the gaming community?

Yess,there was a great news for players who wanted to play PUBG with low system. Now we can play PUBG mode in CS: GO. In this mode, which is developed by a community producer, we go to the parachute map and make a loot like the PUBG, and we are clashing with our competitors. This is a great Battle Royale, and it's pretty cool. :))

We know Counter Strike 1.6 server is no longer active and has been shut down. Easy to say, CS1.6 is now dead and has been replaced with Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) but for the CS Community, it is always in our heart. We still miss the moments when we get hyped up, full of emotions when we play or watch our favorite team match on such a big tourney. It's not just a game, it is our passion.

Well that's how I get my in game name "teddy" where I got the idea from the keychain I saw. I spent a lot of time and money to it and until now, I never regret doing that and it remains as my sweet memories. I still miss the old days where we train so hard for the tournaments and bring the bag full with our gaming gears and setup our config.

Yo Yo Yo it's yet another night of counter strike . Unfortunately I won't be joining tonight coz I am on my way back from my site and you know how bad the network cam be when you are on transit.

Wana seize this opportunity to thank you for yesterdays upvote on my post. I am really grateful.

Counter strike !!!! Pretty amazing game .... I must say you love playing action games alot

Yes good luck steemit men