[Acid Streams] Battlefield 5

in dlive •  7 months ago


The open beta of BF V is here! Those who have preordered the game are getting early access. Let's see what this game has to offer! :)

My live stream is at DLive

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This game is visually epic!

Seriously makes me want to get a gaming rig and get involved.

Cheers for the preview :D

I remember playing it when the first one came out a long time ago. It's amazing how far you've come in terms of graphics and overall quality!

I think the strongest selling point of this game is it's graphics, visuals and sound quality.
In my opinion everything else is little too generic and at times unrealistic. It's probably because I'm biased towards more realistic/simulation type games. Good luck with your stream though! :)giphy.gif

What are the minimum requirements?

I agree with @gloxypearl , I admire the passion of gamers. The only game I'm playing is a Geography game which serves for learning purposes.

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That's the worst reveal for a battlefield game ever thought. This non stopping action, sonic style running and dodging planes and flying cars, and mass killing not aiming down the sights while moving with a supressive weapon... this is definetaly a call of duty game they are promoting. Battlefield is suposed to be the more serious game of the genre, more strategical, with well thought actions winning the day over run-and-gun.

surprisingly it is solid optimized playing with an older pc with an i5 processor and still can handle solid 60 fps on medium settings

Oh look yet another Battlefield game I won't be buying, enjoy catering to that minority, hopefully this bites you in the ass. And so far it looks like it is. Forced "diversity" doesn't pay. You're selling out to a crowd that was never fans and are seeking to inject themselves into things they have absolutely no interest in taking part in.

I've bought every single Battlefield game. Every. Single. One. 1942, Vietnam, 1,2,3,4, 2142, Hardline, even the shitty, download only, that was 1943. Map packs, DLC's, and all the disk based expansions from back before DLC's were really a thing. I won't be buying this. Not because of female soldiers, as those aren't new to the franchise, but because of the unapologetic arrogance behind the statements made that can succinctly be summed up as "don't like it, don't buy it". An idea that level headed and logical criticism, that legitimate concerns raised by a loyal and concerned fan base, would be so casually and rudely disregarded, is not acceptable. A developer with that mindset, simply no longer deserves my money. I'm sad to see battlefield go, but gone it is. Oh well. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Time for some new franchise to come along and take up the mantle.

Awesome👏👏 I can see that the graphics are extremely wonderful. It's never gonna be ubiquitous🔥Well done @acidyo

This is a game savage, I'm fascinated by this type of games .. I even wanted to play at full volume

I have always been a lover of games

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Wished I was a game person. I admire game lovers but I barely create an opportunity for game..
Have fun @acidyo

Battlefield V is awesome! Sure they only have 5 guns but you can choose from 47 different genders. They added gender customization where you can select your own pronoun too! I just love how they acknowledge how huge and fundamental the Tuskegee women pilots were on the frontlines

Excellent, I want the game, it looks awesome