[Acid Streams] Counter Strike with @strawhat

in #dlive2 years ago


Back with some CS:GO after a short break, let's get that DMG rank back!

My live stream is at DLive


What's up dude ? @acidyo

Back with a bang, you never get tired of playing games non stop, are you a machine or what bro.

First league of legends and now CSGO. I love CSGO more than league of legends, and I love your streams more than anyone's but as I already told you exams are on the head. So enjoy the game, and go killing.

Logging into Dlive with style. Pc volume raised to the max level. I wanna hear the sound of the sound of the carnage. AKs hitting the bad guys. Blood splashing everywhere.

Let's have some fun

And he switches. @acidyo hope you've had something to eat?

How was the last game? Couldn't watch coz of network ish. Hope you won?

really nice to know about it

Headphones on and go on killing
CSGO forever
Loves your stream

Acidyo bro this design looking dangerous and gorgeous.
This design match with this game.

I tried my first ever dlive but it says the video doesn't exist :/

Hey acidyo... Plz can i have a talk with you.?

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