[Acid Streams] Realm Royale with @strawhat

in dlive •  7 months ago


This might be one of the first Battle Royal games I've enjoyed a bit. Even though we've just started out and aren't that great at it, it seems quite fun. I like that you can pick up different skills for your classes at the same time as picking up weapons and armor. Makes the fights quite unique!

My live stream is at DLive

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I love this game! I like the Warrior, Mage, and the craftable weapons used in it.

Hey there @acidyo.
I have always wanted to play with you.
It was always fun and a treat to watch your live streams.
I play pubg, what do you say about that.
Can you play pubg with me. I'm a big fan of your gaming.
I invite you to play with me. Thanks


I'm not a big fan of PUBG :( or people that upvote their own comments for that matter. :P


Ohh. I upvoted my comment so that you could see my comment, coz I thought at the end of this live stream you would get a lot to comments. I just wanted you to see my comment. That's it.

This game has multiplayer feature
The game has high end graphics
It is supported and backed by steam

It is steam powered game application, It has very good game graphics.
A shooting type of a game, Experience the thrill of the game.

I think i will start to play it2 thanks to you hehe :)

Love this........games.....

Hello excellent game and graphics, it is very complete good luck. regards

Nice games dlive.

I have not played it but it looks very good since I look for it thanks for sharing

I love the game but am not really good at playing it.

Congratulations @acidyo!
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I'm really liking this game more than fornite.
In realm royal I like that the start of the game isn't as frantic and there is no building. :)

an exciting game filled with challenges

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