[Acid Streams] Destiny 2

in dlive •  5 months ago


Hey everyone, I just purchased this game after seeing @tidy stream it last night on dlive so I thought I'd test it out. :)

Come watch this newbie probably get rekt.

My live stream is at DLive

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This could've been insane... But it's a huge flop. They should've released the game as they intended from the beginning instead of being greedy. That ruined all their chances of making one of the coolest games.

Still an awesome game obviously, but only to some extent and for one playthrough. It's basically the same story as with "The Division".

Good luck though! :)

Looks like a good game but heard bad reviews that kept me away from it. Maybe ill give it a shot

The game looks amazing!

I was about to ask if you would play anything besides LOL or CS
Destiny 2 is an excellent game

You are always surprising us! Looks like a nice game. More realistic and nice graphic. Didnt know it even existed :)

It's a shame we are in diferents servers. I really enjoy that game, super fun to play with friends :)


Yeah Dave :D

interesting :D Join you soon man...!! thumbs Up

Surely you really like game, hopefully you make a lot of game contest to be followed by us ..😊😊

most power full game need high system which sytem u have???

excellent, very successful.

yes, it's very nice sir, i will try to play your new game sir

Good job

It may be a bit difficult to play this game, but the game is very exciting and a great challenge.

yeah buddy ,,,coooooool

Oh looks interesting has a theme similar to Halo

Excellent game, love it!!!!

i follow you steemauto... plzzz follow me

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What a nice post, I've voted you! I also love to play Destiny 2
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Hi @acidyo, May I ask for discord ocd link.

Have fun guys!