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An earthquake occurred in Istanbul around 13.59 hours. The European Mediterranean Seismology Center announced the magnitude of the earthquake as 5.9 and AFAD as 5.8. The magnitude of the earthquake in the Kandilli Observatory 5.7, said that the epicenter is off the Silivri. Earthquake felt all over Istanbul, citizens poured into the streets. While schools were evacuated for prevention, many institutions stopped their activities. After the earthquake, communication over the phones could not be established for a long time. Following the earthquake, another aftershock of 3.1 magnitude took place. Here are the latest earthquakes according to AFAD and Kandilli observatory ...
As of 13.59 hours a major earthquake occurred in Istanbul. Earthquake, European Mediterranean Seismology Center as calculated by 5.9, Kandilli Observatory in the size of the earthquake 5.7, Silivri deficits of the epicenter said. After the earthquake, the inhabitants of Istanbul took to the streets, schools were evacuated as a precautionary and holiday. Citizens wrapped in phones could not perform the call. After the earthquake, the lines were closed to transportation. The President of the Red Crescent urged not to enter damaged buildings. Following the major earthquake, an earthquake of 3.1 magnitude occurred. After aftershocks, citizens are investigating the latest earthquakes. Here is the latest earthquake information from Kandilli Observatory and AFAD ...


Red Crescent President Kerem Kınık'tan: This #Earthquake was in the big earthquake fault we expected in Marmaray. A medium-sized earthquake and a couple of weeks can last aftershocks (4 and over). Our citizens in damaged and risky buildings have to leave their homes because they can generate energy that can break the earth's crust.

Schools Emptied for Measure

Where the earthquake was felt, schools were evacuated for prevention purposes. Hospitals and shopping malls were quickly evacuated. Telephone lines were cut, citizens in Istanbul could not reach each other.


The latest earthquakes are shared with the public by AFAD and the Kandilli Observatory.

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