Bitcoin Report August 2019 - A Look At Bitcoin And Its Forks

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In this and other reports we would like to take a closer look at the Bitcoin blockchain and the general price development. This time we're looking at Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

Reports in the form of slide collections enjoy a certain popularity among friends of Bitcoin & Co. Publications by Delphi Digital, Grayscale Investments or Coingecko come to mind. The reason is clear: Such reports are a source of insights for friends of the more technical side of crypto currencies, for example, the on-chain analysis. Since a picture says more than a thousand words, such reports convince by a plethora of different visualizations. Be it charts, simple plots or histograms: all these pictures tell stories that help investors and crypto-enthusiasts interpret the evolution of the ecosystem. For friends of the acronym DYOR (do your own research) such reports provide a lot of inspiration for their own investigations in the crypto-ecosystem.

With the Bitcoin Report 2019 BTC-ECHO publishes a first such work. Focus should, as the name suggests, be the best-known of all cryptocurrencies. In this first report we will take a look at Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. It is less about the question of who the "real Bitcoin" is, go. Neither the Bitcoin Maximalists nor Roger Ver or Craig Wright should be talked about like that. Rather, the goal is to weigh on the basis of the on-chain data, what a use case the respective cryptocurrency pursues. Other topics are:

current assessment of the MA20 in the weekly chart for the three crypto currencies
a look at the DVAV from Bitcoin
Transaction count and volume on the three chains
Mining activities on the three chains
The full report can be found here:

Bitcoin Report
We plan to regularly publish such reports, not just Bitcoin. Friends of Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies will also get their money's worth.

As always, we are open to feedback. If you have any criticisms, suggestions or wishes, feel free to contact us, for example on our Discord server.

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