Sensoji Temple or Asakusa (Kannon Temple) in Japan

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Sensoji Temple or Asakusa (Kannon Temple) in Japan , I love this location , This temple is known bring good luck, happiness and make all wishes come true

I saw japanese girl in Kimono dress walking with friends  at the temple look like happiness.

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Someday I hope I can go there and make a wish.

Wish you success

It sure has colorful features. The temple's facade is one of friendliness and happiness. No wonder a lot of people are milling about the temple. I love temples that are like this; temples with no ghoulishness about them. They draw you in. They give you the impression that you can enter and you will be more than welcome. Such temples should be all over the world! 


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คนละมุมกัน ส่งเลยครับ

555 จัดรูปอื่นไปแล้ว

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So many places I wish I could visit before I get to old to do it :) An amazing picture of an amazing place.

There are also many interesting places.
Let's go adventure . Thank you @docchocobo.

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