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Girlfriend Subjects Her Boyfriend To Horrific Abuse

Yes, Sydney MGTOW, he stayed and endured for his kids. If he had left then courts and CPS would have given custody the mother. A mother who is clearly psychopathic.

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I would say that over 90% of men in a relationship are being horribly abused.

Just look at their eyes. They are just enduring the pain.

The thing that feminists never bring up is that women are better at emotional manipulation. They are better at it then men are stronger than women. Most men can't even see that they are being manipulated/abused.

If you know what to listen for, you can hear the abuse in almost every conversation a woman has with a man.

In court cases it should just be assumed that the man has been under constant abuse. The only time it is not the case is when one of the two is a psychopath.