I dream of Havana - the buena vista social club

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My friend Jimi was surprised that I sang bossanova yesterday, thing is I am in love with all kinds of music. There is so much life you can squeeze out of every note. We got talking and landed at the Buena vista social club which he had never seen or heard the soundtrack of, it is filled with Havananian Music legends and utterly beautiful so today's song is a whole album I give to you the Buena Vista social Club - put on a dress or wide pants and an open shirt ..open your window ...smoke a cigar , drink rum , dance barefoot with your love, kiss make love -Enjoy!

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One of my all time favourite albums.
In 2003 I went to Cuba on holiday. There was music everywhere! The bars and clubs were just like being on a movie set. I had an amazing time.

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God I love Havana it is magical :D