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The Pittsburgh Steelers were the topic of a lot of drama last season. With two of football's biggest off field stories, it is no wonder.

With both departed, things were very quiet this camp. The same is not true in Oakland, where Antonio Brown landed.

Between the helmet saga and other issues, there never was a dull moment.

Now Brown is lashing out at the GM for the $50,000 plus in fines that he amassed.

As the team prepares for Opening Weekend, this is probably the last thing it needed.

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He signed the contract, unless he is Donald Drumpf in disguise, then he should know why the fines happened. He misses practices and he whines about a fine. He doesn't want to wear the approved Helmet the NFL requires, it's in the contract that he signed.
As usual, there has got to be one or two spoiled little boys who want to play without any restrictions.