Being Healthy Vs. Enjoying Life - How To Find A Middleground

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You ate a donut during lunch break. You skipped the gym to go out with friend. And now you feel like your entire week of fitness and healthy eating is ruined. And let me guess... you are beating yourself up for that, isn't it?

If so, your dedication to living a fit and healthy life has become an obsession. Healthy food and workouts are supposed to ENRICH your life, not BECOME your life!

It's important to find a middle ground.
After all, being healthy is supposed to make your life more fulfilling. You shouldn't let it control your life.

If you want to find some tips on how to find a healthy middleground, I can recommend the article linked to below.

Fit and Happy for Life (NO GUILT NEEDED!)



100 push-ups on time?

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