I have fucked my Samsung phone all to hell yet it still works fine. Like legit I've dropped this thing in the ocean before and it was fine.

in dlike •  3 months ago


The worst I've done is drop my iPhone from a low ish height but every time I get anxiety and think it's gonna stop working lmao

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Honestly iPhones are sh*t and Samsung is where it’s at, but there’s like social pressure on getting iPhones and seeing Samsungs as ugly phones but they’re not


I have Apple products and I don’t think Samsung’s are ugly and I actually want the s9+or 10 when it comes out.

How tf did Samsung know to make their phones that strong??? Like, the heck kinda tests did they do on the prototypes to be able to survive all this 💩?? Meanwhile Apple breaks if you push on the screen too hard

How is it possible that it still works?

That is messed up.  Phones do not have holes in them.