Tom Lee Maintains $15,000 Year-End BTC Prediction Despite Market Crash

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Tom Lee has maintained his year-cease BTC fee target at $15,000, mentioning the Bakkt launch and upcoming regulatory readability as two major motives.

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The BTC train better get started if Tom Lee is going to be correct.  He is setting a high target, more than a 3 fold increase from here.

Downside of the momentum - that's the good explanation of the current situation also two type of the crypto players - speculators and serious owners.

Lee is a very smart guy but I think he is out there on this one.  Sure we can see BTC reverse in a powerful way.  In fact, I would expect it once the market turns. Yet we are running out of month.  I guess it is possible for BTC to gain $500 a has done it before.

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