Google Translate: "Today I had the surprise of knowing that I was added as a friend by the supposed profile of the inventor of Bitcoin in the P2P Foundation network. Before that @casagrande had this privilege and was the only Brazilian on Satoshi Nakamoto's list of friends, he told about the fact in this post here at Steemit. Cassio from Criptomoedas Fácil web site looked for us and we talked about the subject, below the link of the matter with my declarations. I'm following the rebound and suddenly I write a more calm post about it. Which way I'm preparing psychologically to receive the visit of the FBI, KGB and the Federal Revenue :-) Thanks!

Easy Cryptomoedas: Breaking - Creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto updates his status and adds Brazilian as a friend. Satoshi may be more attentive to the market and development of Bitcoin than is imagined and today, November 30 ..."

Thank you very much! If you're interested I just publish a post in english about the occurrence. Thanks and good luck again!

Fantastic, thanks!

Hi, it takes a time but now I published more info about my friend request being accepted in english here in this post: Thanks and good luck again!

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