Monero Hard Forks, Becomes First Major Crypto To Adopt Bulletproofs |

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After months of preparation, Monero (XMR) has successfully activated a hard fork, upgrading its capabilities and technologies. This move is intended to make the cryptocurrency more resistant to ASICs, and also implements bulletproofs, which will enable private transactions that are substantially more efficient, and less costly, than what has previously been available with XMRs former version of rangeproofs.

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I am liking the fact that since this hard-fork, the network fees for XMR have dropped by around 90%.  before the fork, XMR was completely un-useable for small to micro-transactions because of the high fees.  Now, it is sooooo much cheaper to send XMR, and it's strong privacy credentials remain intact.  I believe these hard-fork changes will benefit XMR greatly in the long run.

very very private

It is great change and will help to make more popular.