This Week in Turkey (129): with Aslı Çarkoğlu on the Femicide Crisis in Turkey

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Last week's general news about Turkey. The recent military operation of Syrian regime caused a new wave of refugees in Turkey's border.
-The refugees are supporting opposition in Syria and protest Turkey for not giving enough support to the opposition.
-The femicide crisis in Turkey: Emine Bulut's ex-husband stabbed her to death in front of their 10 year old daughter.
-The elected municipals of three cities, which are mostly Kurdish populated are dismissed, and replaced by trustees appointed by the Ministry of Interior. Opposition reacts.
-Erdoğan visited Putin about the recent developments in Syria, and about S-400s.
-new political parties are emerging from the ruling AKP.
-Turkey is on the verge of serious economic crisis.
Source of the video: Medyascope. (30.08.2019)
Medyascope is and independent news channel operation on internet. Your supports are highly important for contributing freedom of expression in Turkey.

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