Flixxo reached a milestone - Despite it looks small, it could be a role model for a whole industry!

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Flixxo - a new video platform slowly takes off!


“Yes! You are one of the first thousand of future millions. 🎬 #Pioneers #Flixxo #streamyourawesomeness



With the announcement on Twitter Flixxo reached 1,000 active users on their new video platform which is currently still in Beta phase. Recently the last of the 10,000 email invitations were sent to early adopters, investors, enthusiasts who were interested to see how the new ecosystem works. 


While still with a beta UI and basic functionality you can already upload videos, buy videos with FLIXX token (which is ranked 707 on coinmarketcap.com) and watch ads to earn more FLIXX. It works quite well (i tested it) in this early MVP (minimum viable product) and is still backed by centralized servers.


But the future of Flixxo could be a strong demanded role model for the whole industry which is currently controlled by big companies with censorship and just a few who earn a decent amount of money (company itself and some stars). Flixxo focuses on a much more decentralized model where many can earn while participating.

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This is new for me. I know for Bit.tube, tokenized videos but Flixxo is new to me.

Need to check.

Currently they have already some exclusive content uploaded and more and more content creators flocking in. Sure it's still very small and they have some hickups with availability of videos but the tokenization looks interesting in comparison to the big players who just do farming. You can also check their Telegram channel


This is just the beginning

@onetin84, Good to know about the flixxo and in my opinion, it's really exciting aspect to see towards the growing Sphere of Decentralisation in different categories. And for sure we have to hold the positive essence for the future because in this phase in my opinion amazing projects are coming up.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

No one has ever reached goal in single step it takes effort and Flixxo is doing right and progressing in the right direction too :) happy to see it growing

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