Brave Browser Sees 1,200% Increase of Registered Publishers Over Year

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It was recently seen in a report given out by industry-focused news outlet Decrypt on the 11th of August that the number of publishers making use of the Brave browser which is known to be a one of the best decentralized browser built powered by the blockchain increased by a massive 1,200 percent over the past year.

According to informaton gotten via a website that is in charge of monitoring Brave browser adoption known as BATGrowth, there was an increase in the number of Brave rewards publishers from 18,931 that it was in July, 2018 to its current number if 230,000 as at the time if filing this report.

The Brave Reward program is being used and leveraged by a total of 17,417 Twitter publishers, 2,917 Reddit publishers, 29,278 website publishers including the Smithsonian Magazine alongside the Washington Post, 12,000 Twitch publishers and over 166,698 YouTube publishers.

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