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Anthony Rendon got paid.  The top free agent, everyday player cashed in.  He had a MVP type season for the World Champion Nats and now he is headed West.

Rendon agreed to a 7 years, $245 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels.  The deal has a no-trade clause in it.  There are no opt-out clauses.

Earlier in the week, the Nats re-signed Stephen Strasburg to a 7 year contract.  The team owner came out before the Winter meetings and said the team could not afford both players.  Strasburg's signing ended the Rendon era in Washington.

This is the second year in a row the Nats lost the top player in the free agent market.  A year ago, Bryce Harper took a 13 year deal from the Phillies.

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That is a lot of money to play a game. I see the same thing with footballers in the EPL. They are paid a fortune.