Mike Bloomberg says he will release women from non-disclosure agreements

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I've taught my family to fight to win all their lives, all our lives. Now I look at the line up our party has presented us to try and save this republic from some cult of personality and I wonder if they're all in on it? Somethings become quite obvious and it's the DNC isn't being represented by its best and brightest. I see them ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by fielding a slate that's completely off center from moderate America. They're missing the point for the impending election - Trump is the issue. Not Bloomberg nor a desperate Elizabeth Warren, and regardless of how much you like Bernie, America isn't going socialist, nor are they ready for a 30-something gay man with his first husband (just being realistic). It's all Bullshit up to Super Tuesday, that's when the gloves come off and we get behind a winner, if that's you're objective. If not grab your canvas partner and start your own party. In the meantime it takes cash t win elections and we'll take whatever fair game as long as the opposition does. Bernie was fun back when John Lennon was president and we lived in the land of Utopia, up until some offshore think tank made him the Pipe Piper of divisiveness and Hilary Clinton the mother of everything wrong in modern politics. Now Bernie's feeling the euphoric burn and is more than sure America's ready to close down Wall Street and get rid this crazy old system of capitalism. And I don't believe any channel that's dedicated to him is truly trying for him to win... He can't. He can just do what he's already done, stage a coup on the DNC by chasing all the mainstream and moderates out, make sure no minorities show up at the ballots, provide cover for all the white supremacists on the left, and in short do what he did in 2016 - give Trump the Whitest House. Most of you are full of shit, you're phony BOTS because no one but Bernie thinks he'll beat Trump.

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