Dr Doom Does it Again: Bitcoiners are Arrogant Zealots and Fanatics

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Dr Doom engaged in a scathing attack on cryptocurrencies and people in the crypto space again. He calls people involved in crypto "arrogant zealots".

Dr. Roubini hates the blockchain as well. In his earlier statements, he has expressed hatred and contempt for distributed ledger technology as a whole. Distributed consensus is at the heart of distributed ledgers.

To me, it seems that to hate distributed consensus this much, points to a fascist mentality. Distributed consensus is nothing but an algorithmic mechanism to keep sources of truth (block producers) honest.

I think Dr. Roubini hasn't thought things through very carefully. Nouriel Roubini is ethnically Jewish. His parents are/were Iranian Jews. He grew up in Italy. He has made his career as an economist in the US. To love centralized power structures as much as Roubini does plays into the hands of fascists. Now, fascism has been on the rise in much of the West in recent years. The only country in the world where it makes any sense for a Jew to be a fascist or in support of anything that fascists may benefit from is Israel. Any other country flirting with right-wing authoritarianism that has a high degree of centralization going, is a dangerous place for any Jew to be living in.

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