First Church to Accept Bitcoin - Going to be in Guinness Book

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First Church to Accept Bitcoin Going to be in Guinness Book it seems and this happened in Greece. Now you can donate them worldwide for their extra building they need but.. there is no website to be found anywhere. I do have BTC addy but who knows if its real so better to skip it. Check article thought.

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i saw a church in imperia/dolcedo around 8years ago already accepting bitcoin. this is not the first church. let me try to find the picture i made that time

thats why they said smartly.. orthodox ;) im not good with religion so not sure whats the difference

Nice, they've added another way to scam you out of your money. Lol.


couldnt agrre more lol

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I'm not too fond of churches but that does sound pretty cool! More churches and religious organizations should also accept Cryptocurrencies.

Even the holy one is leaning towards a digital future. This is a wonderful move...

This church is going to be super rich in a few years when Bitcoin goes up like a rocket!

Very interesting kingscrown, thanks for this bit of news!