ULOG #057 : Lake Natron ( Mysterious Place On Earth ) Part - 09

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You must have heard the story of King Midas, which also touches everything that is made of gold, but have you heard of such a lake, whoever touches the water becomes a stone? Today we are telling you about a similar lake. This is the Natron lake in northern Tanzania.

When the photographer Nick Brandt arrived at the coastline of natron lake in northern Tanzania, the scene there surprised him. There is a statue of animals and birds on the side of the lake. They were statue real dead birds. In fact, animals and birds that go to lake water become calcified stones in a while.

Brandt writes in his new photo book 'Across the Ravaged Land': "Nobody knows for sure how he died. But it seems that the highly reflective nature of the lake caused them to be confused, and consequently they all fell into the water. He further writes that "The quantity of salt and soda in the water is very high, so much so that it deposited the ink of my codec film box in a few seconds. Soda and excessive amount of salt in water keep the dead bodies safe."

Brandt has compiled the photos of these birds in their new book 'Across the Ravaged Land'. This book is the third volume of the photography document, which Nick wrote when animals disappeared in East Africa. 

The level of alkaline in water is pH 9 to pH 10.5, i.e. the amount of alkaline as ammonia. Lake temperature also reaches 60 degrees. In the water, the element was also found in the volcano ash. This element was used by the Egyptians to protect mummies. He writes in his book, "All the creatures were strengthened like a rock due to calcification, so we could not make any changes to them for taking better photos, So, in order to take a photograph, we put them on trees and rocks in the same state. "

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