Making a house an investment is social poison

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House prices in several countries collapsed during the years 2007 - 08, marking the beginning of a global financial crisis. Since then the IMF's Global House Price Index took a brief dip but now is above the level it was before the crisis.

Does that mean there will be another fall in house prices again?

Excessive credit growth was the driver behind many of the past housing booms. But this time around it seems to be supply constraints that is driving the boom. Since the last crisis, national and international regulators have been vigilantly monitoring the housing price booms and have been using macroprudential measures to manage them.

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Interesting choice of topic. The title brought my attention right away.

You've asked a good question:

Does that mean there will be another fall in house prices again?

In my opinion, major difference between now and 2008 is the fact that 11 years ago almost everyone I knew was talking about buying property and majority of those who could afford or get a morgage will actually follow up and invest in property market.

Market was hot hot hot. and that's a huge difference comparing to current situation.

ps. you will hardly get any comments or engagement here on Steemit if you will be redirecting traffic outside platform. Hope you're aware of it?


As per the metrics the USA is still far better than many other countries in terms of affordability of houses.

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