Singapore abolishes school exam rankings

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I think it is a very good decision from the Singapore school authority. The primary and secondary school report will no longer mention who stood first and was the last in the exam. They are trying to remove the word "competition" from the mindset of the children, rather giving emphasis on having the best knowledge/idea in the subject in which a particular student has the maximum interest. As a result, from the very beginning they will be raised as an expert on a particular subject.  

Along with the position of a student, now onward the report will drop some other information as well. Those are:

  • Class and level mean
  • Minimum and maximum marks
  • Underlining and/or colouring of failing marks
  • Pass/fail for end-of-year result
  • Mean subject grades
  • Overall total marks
  • L1R5 (English plus five relevant subjects), L1R4 , EMB3 (English, maths, best three subjects) and EMB1 for lower secondary levels

What do you think about this change? Will this have a positive impact on the children?

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Thanks for share your information.

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You are welcome bro

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A very good decision by the country

Yes it. Now the students can concentrate on actual learning rather than competing with fellow pupils.

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