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The first official mention of the castle dates back to the beginning of the XIII century, but according to archaeologists, the pikt fortifications were on this place in the VI century ad. It is known that in 1296 urkhart was captured by king Edward I of England.
In the future, the castle constantly passed from hand to hand and rebuilt until in 1692 it was destroyed by the defenders of the fortress, who did not want to get it to the Jacobites.
For many years the remains of urkhart served as a local source of building materials, as a result, only fragments of It have survived to the present day. Urkhart is now a protected historical monument.Eyewitnesses who believed that they saw in the waters of Loch ness legendary monster, usually watched him in the area of urkhart castle.
The opportunity to join one of the world's most popular puzzles attracts tourists all year round.
The first mention of the mysterious creature dates back to 565 ad. In the life of St. Columba, who converted the Picts to the Christian faith, tells about the triumph over the Holy "water beast" in the river ness.Tourists from all over the world are trying to catch the Loch ness monster, residents of nearby villages, meanwhile, try to bypass the castle Urhart side, especially in the dark…
From generation to generation here is the legend of the evil water Kelpie, which guards the water of Loch ness.
Lonely water traveler is in the form of a long-necked horse with a small head.
And though Urhart has long been in ruins, local legends live to this day.

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