Why I am now using DLike instead of Sola

in dlike •  2 months ago

And I'm damn happy I switched!

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This is what I have been wanting for quite a while now, an app that is based off the Steem blockchain that was more closely centered around short format posts.

The android app comes out soon!!!

Sola seemed to fit the bill during my initial time on the platform which was right after they introduced the SOL, ie. "monetization" of the content. There was constant back and forth between people regarding said monetization and in the end they did away with it, until recently. Given the haphazard way with which they implemented the initial SOL I am not surprised they had to kill it. Lack of access, fees, and the rapid decline in value all made a bad impression on me for sure. Then came to onslaught of non-stop copy/paste and fully ripping anyone else's content. There seemed to be little being done to control the flood of crap into Sola and I quickly made my decision to stop posting to it.

I am finding that I am only really willing to put forth much of any content if it is going on a monetized platform. After the realizations of the other social media companies essentially stealing our data and selling it off, I have no desire to give them ANY more of my content/data. If there is to be money made off of my content then I want to be the one to make the money, not some garbage corporation. When Sola killed the SOL and the monetization of the content, and with the rampant plaigarism, I stopped posting to it even though it was a great format.

I like to post short format posts that are sharing news stories that I find in my feeds. It is like sharing a news story on twitter in that a slug line can be used to get people to read an interesting article. The regular Steemit frontend has a definite long format feel to it and with bots running around flagging for plaigarism I have not been willing to turn to the Steem blockchain for adding this content. I don't want to spread content all over the place on multiple different platforms for one primary reason, I don't have the time.

So THANKS to @dlike for integrating into the Steem blockchain so I can keep my content in one place and feel free to post shorter form content!!

I have delegated some of my SP to @dlike to show I appreciate their work and they are also giving a 1:1 match of dlike tokens and a 5% beneficiary reward to all who delegate. You can follow this link (DELEGATE TO DLIKE) and just change the number of SP in the addres bar you want to delegate.

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I’m goin to check Dlike out for sure. Sola turned out to be a disappointment. I like you thought the format was pretty awesome and something new. I just kind of wondered off and never looked back really.
With my busy life I barely have room for one SM platform. Let along 2-3-4-5


Dlike has really good potential and I am using it regularly already. I did the same and just walked away from sola. This is nice now to get everything onto the same chain. Like you with your dtube vids being on chain rather than on youtube

@flemingfarm Welcome to dlike. We hope you will be an asset for dlike :)


I hope to be as well. I am into a super wide array of subjects and will be posting regarding news links I come across with a general focus towards science topics. I love the format and look forward to the app!