Scientists invent way to create 'unlimited renewable energy'

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More super cool tech being developed for energy. I have been seeing the reports of algae being used for creating fuels like bio-fuels but this is the first I have seen of the algae producing pure hydrogen. The ramifications of this tech are quite incredible. Depending on the volume of hydrogenase needed to perform the splitting action this could be a very viable means of creating an almost endless supply of energy. 


“Hydrogenase is an enzyme present in algae that is capable of reducing protons into hydrogen,” Katarzyna Sokól, first author of the study, said in a statement. “During evolution, this process has been deactivated because it wasn’t necessary for survival but we successfully managed to bypass the inactivity to achieve the reaction we wanted — splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.”

What we keep running headlong up against is the facts of scale. In order for any of these new techs to be mass adopted they need to be mass available and that is the bottle neck. We have seen it with every new development that has come about, it takes YEARS for the products to be integrated into our daily lives. I for one am looking forward to the potential benefits of all these new inventions and discoveries and believe the sooner we have them a part of our lives the better.

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unfortunately, the technology, this energy does not exist in my country, is only in developed countries


Algae farms are pretty simple to setup and they can produce bio-fuels. A bit of research will lead you to many good sources of info. It could be a good avenue to building an industry for the developing nation.

Now a days energy is our another fundamental rights. it very necessary to develop/invent low cost energy producing.
without energy nothing will run!


Interesting point. It could very well be considered a basic human right to have access to power given how tech centric our world is becoming. We will have to have an unlimited FREE source of energy that can be used for power though since it is a commodity now.

And extremely controversial technology. At least here in SA it is. We don't have as many or as large wind farms but they are definitely a hot topic


The two things you have, sun and wind, both could be easily harnessed and would probably power the bulk of the country. Sounds like politics are playing a part in those decisions right now.


You are probably right. Or in our case it's the one and only power company that is making the decisions