UFC 244 Odds, Prediction, Picks: Nate Diaz

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For all fans of MMA: this coming Saturday's UFC 244 will a memorable night of clinching, rear-naked chokes and vicious ground 'n pound that you will not want to miss.

My Money on Diaz

If you are a gambling man -- my money is on Nate Diaz.  As for why he is the underdog, my take is that this is on account of being out of the game for a while (he's only had one fight since his recent triumphant return from a 3-year hiatus).

Masvidal no match for Diaz ground game

Masvidal comes from a kickboxing background; and all of his recent victories came through punches, kicks and elbows. Diaz on the other hand, is a Gracie-trained BJJ Blackbelt -- who can also hold his own above ground (watch out for the Stockton slap).

I can def see this fight going the distance. Masvidal better be a beast on his feet if he stands a chance. And, if he tries to take it the ground like Conor did in McGregor v. Diaz (part 1) -- then he's screwed.

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