Max Holloway: Possible Move to Lightweight?

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If you're an MMA fan, then, like me, you are pumped for the upcoming UFC 245 event on Saturday, 12/14. Among the three title fights that night will be Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski, whereby the former will defend his Featherweight Title. 

Holloway has cemented his featherweight legacy; time to chase bigger fish

Holloway has pretty much become Amanda Nunes / Khabib Nurmagomedov of the UFC Men's Featherweight division. He is a true champ; and, following his likely win next Saturday, will need to find new meat in the Lightweight division. It's very exciting to see that he is up for the challenge. And, given Conor can snag a win against Cowboy, wouldn't it be great to see a Conor vs Holloway rematch in the Lightweight division?

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