Amazon Music HD: Bye Bye Tidal

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Calling all audiophiles: the much-anticipated HiFi / Hi-Res music streaming service from Amazon has finally dropped! Currently offering a 90 day free trial.

Brilliant Midway Price Point

  • Cheaper Tidal: At a rate of $12.99/month for Prime subscribers and $14.99/month for non-Prime --> the invisible hand of the free-market will no doubt arm-wrestle Jay-Z into lowering Tidal's expensive $20/month price for its HiFi services.
  • Better Spotify/Apple/Google: This will result in other mainstream providers offering a mid-level priced / bundled lossless-quality streaming tier

What are the specs?

If you have the right speakers, headphones, etc., then you will get that true CD / CD + level quality that we have compromised on so much over the years for MP3, AAC and even shittier low-res streaming.

  • HiFi / CD quality @ 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Hi-Res / Studio quality @ 24 bit /192 kHz

Stay Tuned

I'm going to start my trial today, and hope to write a review via RealityHubs sometime soon.

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