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In early 2008, Microsoft’s IE web browser used to hold almost 60% of the world’s browser market share.  This is the time when Google’s debutante Chrome browser comes into the market on September 2008 with just 0.3% of market share but within a decade with a market share of 70% it became world's most used Browser in both App and Web based.

Until Oct 2019 everyone in this world thought no one can beat Google Chrome but here BRAVE Browser comes. This crypto powered Brave browser has reached 10 million monthly active users after releasing it's beta in Oct 2019.

The way its growing, soon it is going to beat Google chrome. Well thanks to it's mind blowing features, support to content creators, speed, security and enhanced privacy by blocking trackers and most import BAT rewards. If you haven't checked out BRAVE Browser then go check it out now.


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10 million that is quite a lot :)

Yeah actually they deserve this. Their design, concept, user friendly interface, speed and ad-block attracting more people.

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I still don't understand how the BAT rewards work but I really like the Browser. It's much better than FireFox,which used to be my favourite.

Actually this browser will block all irrelevant ads and will only show a few relevant ads. When you view the ads you will be awarded with BAT. But you will only see the ads if the website is Brave verified creator. Moreover everymonth they will add some BAT coins for using their browser. There are lot of things to learn but as of now I know this from them 😊

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I use Brave browser every day, do doubt it has a lot of potentials

Wow. Glad to know. What do you think about BAT?

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