Bitcoin - BOOM or BUST? | The Calm Before the Storm

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Bitcoin is forming a descending triangle pattern as volatility drops significantly. The fact that volatility is so unusually low indicates that a major breakout or breakdown in Bitcoin is likely to occur sooner rather than later.


No one knows for sure if the price of Bitcoin will fall or if it will skyrocket, but the desending triangle pattern indicates that a breakdown is more likely than a breakout.


If a breakout occurs, altcoins like Steem may rally with posts of happiness and joy spreading on the Steem blockchain, but if Bitcoin falls, there might be a new buying opportunity for investors that want to average down and buy Steem at a lower price.

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I love bitcoin change my life thanks to share

breakout or breakdown: soon please

It will be a boom not a bust ;)

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More nins4nse and speculation about future prices. Why not just accept and enjoy its current stability and long may it continue!

It's speculation but is not non-sense, at least not completely. One thing I forgot to mention is that prices can also move sideways longer than most people currently expect!

That would definitely be a welcome development 😊

P.S. Sorry if my post got on your nerves @gentmartin. I wrote a more serious post about investing here:

In hindsight it looks like my forecast was accurate @gentmartin.

I didn't know for sure whether on not there would be a big drop in price but I saw it as a possibility. Because of that I am prepared, and I'll be buying Steem in little bits at the new lows.

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