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After having read the description of the @dlike project, I have to say, I like what @certseek is doing; after all, look at the existing social networks such as Twitter, facebook, Mastodon, and so on; people up there post and re-post links all the time. And you know what? They get tons more engagement; sometimes a response to an existing article can fall into the category of original content, as well; as long as the information from which you're deriving your work is properly sourced (Now, even though I could be, since I do have a batchelor's degree in English, I'm not going to advise using MLA citations here), in other words, that there are appropriate links corresponding to a quote from the author of the original, for instance, then, you are fine, and it isn't plagiarism. If the creators of this platform don't loosen the rules a bit, then, the communal attitude is going to continue to stagnate.

I can name multiple people in multiple high profile communities (Microsoft, dell, IBM, and so on), who do this all the time on their personal blogs, and they get comments up the yin yang from both their public web sites, as well as from networks like Twitter and Facebook. One whom I can think of right now off the top of my head, is Microsoft developer Scott Hanselman; he posts his opinion pieces all the time based on other authors, and doesn't get any grief for it. I know that I follow various companies and organizations on Facebook, and I comment and re-post stuff. So, if Steem is simply another social network, then, why can't the rules be adjusted for this sort of thing? the @dlike project ought to continue; after all, not everyone uses interfaces that interface directly with Steem as of right now, so @dlike could at the moment, especially once the browser extensions show up, be the only method of getting stuff from their personal sites up to here; I'm dealing with that myself, at the moment, until some sort of RSS feed cross poster is available once again for Steem (ever since Streemian shut down a few months ago). Just my two cents on the whole debate; seems like the discussion of what this platform is will never end. Truth is, it's what you make of it.


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Thanks. After all the grief they were given when they first introduced their project, I felt that I had to do something. And then I felt that I had to get it out there.

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Thanks for your appreciable views on dlike.

We are already working on extensions for browser and by next week we will launch android app to make things more easy for our users!

No problem at all. I wanted to get that out there, because I felt it was extremely important in light of all the grief that you and the rest of the crew were getting when you first introduced the project. However, it definitely has its drawbacks at the moment. It's young, so I don't blame you guys for that, but definitely, there's some accessibility work that still needs to be done. I'll be posting about this soon and Future.

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It will be nice to hear your suggestions!

I hope they help you out. One of them has to do with the fact that right now, blind people can't even use the main website. That's how inaccessible is.

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Borrowing an authors intellectual ideas on blogs,with an acknowledgement is awesome , but have a take on it when mistakenly users of the authors work forgets to indicate the source in their articles, users should not be OUTLAWED from blogs.

that's where this extension comes in. There's a lot to be said for existing work out there. That's probably why more of the rewards go to comments, which actually makes sense.

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Thanks for the hand. What do you think of the actual post. I would be interested to hear your thoughts as well.

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