I want one of those

A kayak paddling is fun.... 

Royal family of which country? I don't recognise them. Who are they?

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This poster is a cheating thief. Flagged for reward pool rape AGAIN!!! He is called @onealfa and he has 5 or 6 accounts which he circlejerks and rapes the reward pool @steemflagrewards @enforcer48 @steevc @iamstan @steemcleaners @abusereports
His accounts are @onealfa @ingapete @ls500 (new account) @diginomad all his accounts as you can see from their wallets, they all are powering down and transferred the funds to binance at exactly the same time on all the accounts hahahahahe is so stupid and now come back a few days later to cheat again using a different account. He steals more rewards than anyone for his trash photo!

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