I have no idea what its name is. I am not expert in birds. Just spoted it another day while walking near  the lake

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Wow what a nice fella with a nice catch!

The bird is very beautiful to see

not for me

This poster is a cheating thief. Flagged for reward pool rape AGAIN!!! He is called @onealfa and he has 5 or 6 accounts which he circlejerks and rapes the reward pool @steemflagrewards @enforcer48 @steevc @iamstan @steemcleaners @abusereports
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.. they all are powering down and transferred the funds to binance at exactly the same time on all the accounts hahahahahe is so stupid...

Yes, indeed, ha ha ha
Your are so stupid, that until you will get a few personal flags from that particular "binance" , you probably will not realize what exactly has happened.
Ever heard of "cold wallet" , "secure vault" @inspirationfeed ???

Ok thanks..but one question: why your reputation so low?


Because he got a bunch of flags for his public slander and false statements.

notice the account names that flag me? He is also posting in @dlike under multiple account names to cheat more tokens from everyone, but they all belong to @onealfa
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Do you think this poor snapshot is worth $37 @newtechblog ?

because i use this account to catch cheats and his accounts have massive SP from his he trybflag me to nothing so people cantbsee the truth. No problem. I have many empty accounts to follow him !

Thanks to blockchain, people can see all and everything, all is behind just one extra mouse slick ( "reveal"). Flags are used to put your account to where it belongs, for your numerous libels. @onealfa is my husband, and since he is out of SP at the moment, he asked me to do a favor. I would be bad spouse , if I would not support him. So are his two brothers, diginomad and ab4uw.
I think it is far behind the limits of you poor imagination, that NINE persons from one single family can be actively blogging on social media. Including Steemit.
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Or maybe your will ask for copies of all our passports, and documents of marriage ???

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Why not lunch?
By the way, very beautiful bird. What it's name?

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I don't have any idea what's the name of this bird, nice photo!

Very nice picture I hope that bird enjoys his meal!

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