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One of BuildTeam's goals is to attract more users and especially investors to the Steem blockchain.

While services like TokenBB improve the user experience for content creators and communities, DLease makes it more convenient for investors to grow their assets. At the same time, it enables users with less available funds to still have access to STEEM POWER on demand.

To bring the features of DLease to the attention of a broader audience outside of Steem, we invested in a banner on masternodes.online.

MNO is a masternode coin listing service, which enabled us to reach exactly our target audience.

Below, you can see the stats of the banner, and how many people it reached.

We will keep advertising our services outside of the Steem blockchain in the future, and expect to bring more people to Steem.

If we want a thriving ecosystem, we all need to spread the word!

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Dang, can't believe there isn't a single comment on this post yet, especially since it's such great news!

Great that you're putting in funds yourself to advertise your service on other platforms. Stuff like this definitely benefits Steem as well. Kudos!


Well now there is one comment on this post, thank you! :) We need to become less Steem centric and reach out externally for Steem to grow.

What is the average interest rate on Dlease ?


You just need to check the market https://dlease.io/market it says there the highest and average APR, currently 19% and 17.13% respectively. My personal ave is 19.85% because I’m patient and check the market regularly.

Congratulations @dlease!
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