End of service

in #dkpromoter11 months ago

Dear DKPromoter users and investors:

Due to the current conditions of the crypto market and the impossibility to receive enough support to qualify for a place in the top 20 Steem Blockchain witnesses I am forced to end this service.

Under the current conditions it is not feasible to maintain the necessary infrastructure to offer the services that this blockchain needs. DKPromoter, too, requires its own infrastructure and maintenance.

DKPromoter will continue to operate while it completes its power-down period and distributes dividends to its investors. As of today, it no longer accepts bids to promote publications.

I ask investors to withdraw their delegations as they will no longer generate profit.

I thank all users and investors who have placed their trust in our service and I apologise for being forced to take this decision. Perhaps better times will come and we will meet again on more favourable terms.


Hey @dkpromoter
it didn't go well for us i'm so disappointed I'll be waiting for you

Thank you
Greeting from India

It's very sad. Thank you so much for your support! ❤️

You were one of the better ones...

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