DJI denies that its drones send flight data to China

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U.S. agencies would be observing the well-known manufacturer of drones and other accessories for safety issues.

DJI could send data on drone flight operations to China, causing a potential danger (and providing useful information), according to some agencies. The firm had already rejected this option by adding that in any event, in case of delicate activities, there is the chance to totally block the sending of information.

Now, again DJI, with further clarification back to the subject. The Chinese producer strongly rejected during a meeting of the U.S. Senate committee that their products would automatically send flight details data to China.

In a PDF signed by a senior DJI executive (Mario Rebello) we read how the statements that have been circulating in latest weeks are not true and that the latter would harm the business. More exactly, the points made clear were: unless the drone pilot intentionally chooses to do so, DJI drones will not share flight logs, pictures or videos. They do not send flight information to China or anywhere else automatically. They don't communicate pictures or videos on the internet automatically. This data only remains on the drone and on the mobile device of the pilot. DJI can not share client information that is not receiving As an extra precaution for pilots on delicate flights, the DJI app for professional pilots has an embedded environment to disconnect all Internet contacts. DJI does not sell or monetize client information DJI includes data encryption and password characteristics in product design as opposed to some technology businesses. This ensures safe access to the drone and its on-board information for clients. Where U.S. drone users choose to share their information, they are only uploaded to cloud servers in the U.S. DJI operates a worldwide Bug Bounty program to enable safety scientists around the globe to discover safety problems and employ autonomous safety professionals to test our products.
The producer also recalls the amount of individuals owning a drone. There would be one million (civil) and 122 thousand on a business level, according to the reported information. The letter also reads how the drone sector affects the US economy positively, assisting individuals by saving life and improving working circumstances.

A new system (called Government Edition) was also announced to avoid the "ban" which blocks the sending of data automatically even if the user requests it. Will the manufacturer and organizations persuade Trump?

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