Amazing Spaces! #1 - I'll show you mine and you show me yours... Finished, underway or just potential, I want to see them all!

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My New Shed. Bubbling with potential!

I love watching TV programs about tiny homes, tree houses, unusual glamping pods, sheds and all these other tiny indoor spaces that people convert into awesome places to sleep, work, play or just relax. In the UK, we have a few good ones: shed of the year is a competition each year which can really demonstrate the extreme uses people find for their tiny wooden outbuildings, but my favourite has to be George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, where they travel the world looking for the craziest and as the title suggests, the most amazing spaces that people have built..
This amazing Sea King helicopter has been converted to Glamping accommodation at Main's Farm in Scotland.

We have just relocated from the city to the beautiful countryside of Cornwall to a lovely old farmhouse with a few fields surrounding it, with lovely views. This is also my first proper foray into working from home, so trying to find my feet with that too. I've tried plonking the laptop in a few different places around the house (I'm currently in the bedroom typing this) but I'm hitting the same snag each time, that as soon as my toddlers are in the house, any type of noise they are making is becoming very distracting. I'm finding as time goes by that I'm very sensitive to noise and certain things I just can't seem to block out, like the sound of my children for example! Delightful as they are, whether they're crying, playing, laughing or fighting, the sound just gets into your head and there's just nothing you can do about it. You just lost your flow.

IMG_1832.JPGThese two are NOT quiet!

So, wondering what to do, I took another look at the manky old shed in the garden. Stinky carpet - check. Insect graveyard - check. Awful colour - check. Hang on a minute though, consumer unit? (fusebox), lighting, double glazing (of a kind), insulation throughout? - check, check, check, check! Turns out, the previous owner was using this as a shack for his hobby as a Radio Ham, so it is actually fairly well kitted out to potentially be an office space! Now, I don't really need masses of space, just me, a desk, my laptop and phone, so this could definitely work! 5 minutes later and turns out the Internet over mains power thing works just fine out there too, so that's it, the decision is made. I'm going to restore this beauty to its formal glory and turn it into an amazing space! The view from the window is perfect and our outside toilet is only a few metres away, so there really is nothing stopping this from potentially being perfect for the job!

Here's how the inside currently looks:
Interior is basic and pretty grotty. For now!

We also have a Hot Tub to install next to the shed, so I hope I am not going overboard by trying to make this into an office/changing room/mini bar! At the moment. I'm thinking of going for a 50s "Beach Hut" theme... I've got my work cut out, the light's don't work, there's damp and the window fell out when I tried to open it, but all this should be pretty simple to sort out.

So there we have it, I've shown you mine, now I'd love to see yours - Please post your amazing conversions, projects underway, spaces you've always looked at and thought you'd love to convert, or any examples of amazing spaces you have seen other people create. I hope to continue to post about this as I am converting, so you can see my progress and give me any feedback or ideas and suggestions as I move along. Wish me luck!!!

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oh!! really great :)

Will be good to see what it looks like. Will maybe inspire me to get on with the things that I need to do!!


Thanks mate! Follow me and I will be posting some more pics again as I go along. If I can inspire anyone, then that's great news! What are the highlights on your list? What's your favourite amazing space you've ever seen? I do love that helicopter and treehouses :)

i know all of your posts are wonderful, and i read them @ronaldmcatee