My first attempt at making a side table

in diy •  2 years ago

After looking for a small side table for a while and not finding anything that really spoke to me, I decided to try and make one my self.

After getting some cool ideas from the internets I started looking around the house for any leftover materials. I found three leftover cutoff pieces of oak that came from the kitchen counter top (never throw away good wood :) ), I used a router to a cut out a circle trying to get the most out of the piece then continued to sand it from 100 to 400 grit finishing it with a good coat of heated beeswax.

I made three hairpin legs from steel rod that I ordered, crossed them through each other and tack welded them on the insides as to try and hide the welds.
It came out pretty nice. The only thing I would do differently is to use MIG or TIG welding so as to really hide the welds. Still have two other oak leftover pieces, to be continued :).

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That is a super chic table, well done!


Thanks, really appreciate it!