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A short update on the build.

So I ran out of materials today and have to wait till the end of the summer vacation (begin next week) to get new materials. Since the building depot has no transportation during this time.


I did however have enough materials left to make the back wall section.


After looking for some windows I got 2 composite windows with double glazing for free. My lucky day !

Decided to place them in the back wall to be able to create an airflow on hot days. Also nice when using spray can or other chemicals.


Drilled all the holes for the foundation bolts.


Lifting, placing and bolting the wall was pretty tricky to do on my own. With some wood blocks on one end I managed to get it in place and attached to the other wall, even level (woohoo).


I will be placing the windows last when the wall is firmly attached to the office walls.
And were done (for now). Can't wait to get started on the office!

And don't forget to U5dsaHfbHhwEYJu2xEiAcbEeEuMiGJm.gif if you haven't already.

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