Remaking my niece and her new husband's gift

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So I was talking to my sister-in-law

And found out they are combining their names. As they are the last of their lines besides her sister and nephew who's father is demanding his last name and the bride and groom want to honor both families. So I had to go pick up a new cutting board to do their gift with the correct name. I am gonna cut something on the other side of the one that has his name on it and hang it in my own kitchen. I don't know what I will laser engrave on it yet but it will be a cool design, maybe even a design I create myself. But I learned an important lesson when personalizing wedding gifts, double check the name the couple are going to be using. As some men take the woman's last name or sometimes they hyphen their names together to create a new last name like my niece and her husband are doing. The bright side of this mistake is I made it at home with our new laser engraver and didn't special order it wrong. So the mistake wasn't costly.


My other gift to the couple is their photos

They have had a few set backs with their wedding. The hair dresser cancelled on her and they have had to rush to find a new one, and then the photographer her godmother hired cancelled too. But fear not Auntie is a photographer too and I can enjoy the wedding behind the camera. Her godmother wanted everyone in the family to enjoy the wedding and not be working it, but it isn't work to me as I love photography and she is a natural model and is beautiful. Though she is shy and would be embarrassed to her me talking about her beauty. I am excited to be able to give her the gift of doing her photos. Hopefully she will see how beautiful she is through another's eye.



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I'll be anxious to see all of the wedding pictures and hope you'll be posting them here.

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